Rundown of my Life:

1. Computer usage and Hellenistic Religion are KILLING ME, I hate them.
2. Halloween was a stupid amount of drama, because of a girl we decided to bring that knew WAY too many people I would like to forget.
3. I think I broke my computer by spilling tea on it T_________________T
4. Idecchi is in Japan until the 16th, this makes me more sad than it should. ( perhaps I will delve into this deeper later, but for now denial is my bestie)
5. That stupid bitch ex-waitress came to my work this week, and acted like...well, a bitch.
6. I now have to update LJ from my Iphone >_<
7. Gdragon, and Jay Park are love.

thats a good number to stop at ^ ^ ; I will be back to update in more detail later. (also with the addition of stupid family drama. FML)


사렁해 권치용~~~

Somehow my iphone posted this empty o.O

Okay so today while I was serving I interesting customer. The conversation goes like this:

Her: "so are you chinese?"
Me: O.O "um, no"
Her: "are you black?" (like what, the color?)
Me: "no."
Her: "well what are you?"
Me: "I'm mixed" (human?)

Yeah. Golden way to start my day.

In other news, I have a few new mini-crushes ^_^

Minho from SHINee and Ji's friend YSH.

Kwon leader still reigns supreme though. His quiet tyranny over my little heart. lame lol

Ill edit with yummy images and more stuff when I get home. My supper just got here ^_^

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The countdown Begins~

 University, my love hate relationship with you makes me crazy! 

My schedule has been done for a while now, but I was too lazy to update ^__^" 

Fall Semester:
Criminology: 9:30-10:20 MWF 
Religion in the Hellenistic World: 12:30-1:20 MWF 
Greek Art and Architecture: 1:30-2:20 MWF 
Computer Usage >_<  Distance Ed: >_< fml. 

Winter Semester: 
Religion and Bioethics: 1:30-2:20 MWF 
Genocide, Crime and Society: 10:00-11:15 TR 
Greek and Roman Myth: 11:30-12:45 TR 
Computer Usage 2 Distance Ed. again, fml. 

And then my math credit in the summer and BAM. I Graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That makes me so excited!!!! (as if you couldn't tell with the exclamation marks,heh.) Other than excited, I feel kind of scared. As in, what am I going to do when I'm not reading and studying and writing papers O.O? Working? 

I mean Korea is my next plan, which is so amazing, I can't wait. But still, I think I'm going to miss university *gasp* I won't feel like that in the next 8 months I'm sure......eventually I will. 

In other news, something exciting is happening! My house is almost done being built!! The door locks, the walls are up, the basement is being finished, and soon is the interior designing. I'm super stoked for it to be done!   

anyway, tty soon~~~ 

Dong Youngbae is the man of my dreams, literally.

Seriously. I just woke up and had the most intense dream about Youngbae. This is the second night in a row. He's so sweet and cute and passionate really, I can't explain ^\\\\\\\^

In other news I may be driving to California to rescue a shar-pei puppy!!!! He's super super cute! Black and all wrinkly~
Filling out the adoption form was easy, now the 2 week waiting period is killer >_<.

I'm also back on my diet again (finally) feeling so good~

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a taste. 

a kiss. I never forgot. 

like hope, and tears, love, all of things you should have said. all of things I wanted to hear. 

like all of your possibilities. endless, limitless if only you would have opened your eyes. 

do you ever wonder what would have happened if you loved just  a little more? not me, but yourself. loved yourself just a little bit more.

I still smile when I think about you. isn't that funny? because when I was with you I never smiled. 

I hope you smile too.